A few words of introduction

This is a blog post for those interested in reading essays on life in general. In our rush to do better, feel better and be happy, we tend to miss a large part of who we are, what we already have and the happiness which is natural and within us all the time. When we stop, look around and “smell the roses” on hand, then it becomes easier to do better in whatever we are doing. Good feelings and a genuine happiness also comes forth as naturally as the water flows down stream or the rain soaks the dry earth, thus making things grow on their own! This is Spirituality in Practice!

But the SIP is always a work in progress. While perfection is the goal, we need to keep the “I” or ego in check to gain the most of it. So, we have named this blog: Sipractce — SIP with one letter “i” missing!

The author – Professional Background: He is a Ph.D from MIT, with over 35 years of experience working in the industry and across the globe. He has worked with hundreds of people at all levels from many nations and continents – USA, Europe, China, India, Japan, Brazil, Canada, … –  and with hundreds of companies and scores of universities. Currently Technology and Society is his professional focus. . Now he runs a small company which is a combination of research, consulting and mentoring under the umbrella of Knowledge Integration.

The author – Personal Background: Born and raised in a rural village in India, he studied in small towns in Tamil Nadu, later moved to Hyderabad,  Andra Pradesh for five years of study at Osmania University. Then he worked briefly at Chennai and moved to Cambridge, MA. USA for his graduate studies. Now a naturalized citizen he lives in the suburb of Boston, USA  with his family.

His interests in Philosophy started with a few classes conducted by Swami Chinmayananda at MIT in the early 70s. Then he took to self study in the early 90s, which continues today and hopefully for ever. He teaches classes for youth and adults, with the basic theme of SIP.

The author works with local organizations, conducts Sath Sangh – Study groups – on Spirituality. He is a director of AASAI (American Association for Social Advancement of India) http://www.aasai.org/ and the many projects supported by AASAI such as http://www.trustshanthivanam.org/current_projects.php

Hope you like reading the essays posted in this blog.

Spirituality and Leadership:   https://sipractce.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/leadership-model-based-on-spirituality-in-practice

Best wishes


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  1. Srini Vasan says:

    Good articles


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