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The steady (un-flickering) flame at the altar.

Steady intellect, backed up by an emotionally neutral mind and well controlled body functions ready to respond to any commands in any of our efforts. …..This is the state of existence required of any one for the highest performance in any field of endeavor. All aspects of success in every effort – surgeons, musicians, engineers, leaders, scientists, workers, parent, teacher, student …- requires the state of mind of a “Dhyani” as a prerequisite for highest levels of accomplishment in that endeavor. The steady (un-flickering) flame of the lamp at the sanctum is merely a beacon of light for such possibilities and accomplishments. Continue reading

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Yoga – On the lighter side!

The Practice of Yoga: performing activities with body, mind and intellect/reasoning and even if it was only through body functions or organs, without attachment and solely for the sake of self- control (being consciously aware of the “I” within and its association with its field of action: the body, mind and intellect) Continue reading

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