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Words and their meaning

In an invocation poem the famous poet Kalidasa (from 4th Century India) describes Lord Siva and his wife Goddess Parvathi as inseparable as the word and its meaning. Proficiency in the understanding of the word and its proper meaning and … Continue reading

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Mind over Matter – Part 2

In our last essay on Mind over Matter we dealt with the subtle aspects of mind, matter and the Self. Matter is what we perceive through the mind. When the mind is held in check and used as a tool … Continue reading

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On clearing the leaves!

Now, I am all finished. The leaves are in their barrels to be disposed off. How to dispose off these bags is a matter for another moment. The pile of leaves on the ground are no longer staring at me. That is the success for this morning! It deserves recognition, like smelling the rose on hand. Would a warm cup of coffee be the right reward? Perhaps!
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Yoga ā€“ On the lighter side!

The Practice of Yoga: performing activities with body, mind and intellect/reasoning and even if it was only through body functions or organs, without attachment and solely for the sake of self- control (being consciously aware of the ā€œIā€ within and its association with its field of action: the body, mind and intellect) Continue reading

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