Happy Mother’s Day

This is a message for all mothers! Indeed it is a message to all women – singles, sisters, wife, teachers, ….. – who show their motherly love and affection to the young ones.

Yes, Mother’s Day has become another Hallmark Card day, like Father’s Day, Valentines Day, etc. But, we don’t need to let these days become only a matter of interest to greeting card makers.

Whenever you take a moment to reflect on the nice things in life, it is always good. It brings out the better part in us, when we think of something nice enabled in our life thanks to some one else. Mother comes in a special category of such special people in any one’s life.

Last night we were watching the movie The Blind Side, with the Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock playing the role of the special mom, who brings out the best in a young man, with lots of talent but left to the unbelievable hardships of a youngster, born in the wrong side of the economic track. While this is a special story, there are countless such stories – big and small – where women display their special gift of caring and compassion to make the best situation possible for the young ones. Through such selfless efforts – merely driven by their motherly instincts and compassion – they make the young ones become a special person in their own adult life.

It is more than two years since my mother passed away. But as each day goes by I feel more obliged to my mom, for all those special things she did, for me and every one of my siblings. She did not ask for much, but was ready to give all she had, with her physical effort. She did so, not seeking something in return, but simply she was our mother. I have seen the same level of selfless willingness to care for every one around in my grand mother. I see the same in my wife now, as she pays attention to so many details to care for her son. This motherly love and willingness to care for others is instinctive and  is generational. It is a special gift of nature to the human kind.

So, to all mothers, who make this world a special place: Happy Mother’s day!

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