2012 – Year in Review

As we come to the end of 2012 and begin the New Year, it is appropriate to reflect on the year behind us – in our rear view mirror- and plan ahead for the coming year. Here are some highlights from 2012:

  • Now we have 90 posts (including this one). Each post is an essay covering a range of topics, but all centered on the theme of “Spirituality in Practice”.

We hope these essays provide the readers an opportunity to collect their thoughts and look at life in a larger context.

There is no single solution for all problems or questions. But, there is a common underlying theme among all our questions, problems and solutions. That theme: We are all part of nature, enabled by the laws of nature and evidences of the laws of nature at play! (Thath Thwam Asi)

Seek the understanding of the laws of nature at play. As a result, you find your own solutions for every problem; your own understanding of each expereience. Every species on earth finds such solutions merely conditioned by the laws of nature. We do the same as well, but for one exception: We are uniquely enabled by nature to think and hence choose our actions and understand our experiences.

  • Our posts have been visited (and hopefully the visitors also read the posts!) by over 7000 readers todate. They come from over 45 nations from all over the world as noted below.


  • Our readers come mostly from USA and India. But, the readership seems to be spreading across more nations as noted below:

2012 visitors

  • There are over 200 comments or feedback from our readers. Thank you for those who have offered their comments. PLEASE KEEP GIVING YOUR COMMENTS. They add to the contents and draw from the rich experience of the readers.
  • There are many Followers. If you are a regular reader of our blog, simply press the “Follow” tab on the top of the screen and you will get notified automatically, each time we post an essay.
  • Some readers have made suggestions for topics or raised questions. We follow up on these as best as we can. Thanks for your questions/suggestions. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING.

Finally, thanks to each of you, the readers and look forward to our continued dialogue in 2013!

Very best wishes to you in the coming New Year. See you next Year!

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