Happy Thanks Giving – 2013

As I sat down to write the message for Thanks Giving, I decided to look back on the essay written on earlier occasions. There is a message written in Nov. 2010, which I believe applies equally well for this year. So, instead of writing some thing new – which every author thinks is some thing profound that he has to share with others 🙂  – let me share with you a link for our earlier essay. https://sipractce.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/happy-thanksgiving/

We are all part of nature. Hence part of our thanks giving must also be a reflection and care for the nature. It is more than an obligation – to give thanks! Instead, it is a solemn duty on each of our part. With that in mind. let me also share with you two links that describes the unique and almost special place we have in this universe, a place called earth and a humility we must have, even though we are endowed with this special place.



Finally, a couple of pictures, to share my graditude for the nature and the beauty and joy it endows, merely being what it is: the nature!

Best wishes for a Happy Thanks Giving to you and every one in your families.???????????????????????????????


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