Happy New Year – 2015

Dear Reader:
Thank you for your patronage for this blog site.

Please find below a collection of images and our thanks as we bid good bye to 2014 and with the

very best wishes for each of you and every one in your family,

as we enter the New Year!

To date we have over 10,000 views for this site. The list of followers is growing. We have as of now 117 posts, each an essay for your reading pleasure and reflection.  Each essay deals with incidents or thoughts that occur in daily life and how to reflect upon them from the point of view of the practice of spirituality in daily life. Many of you have commented and many more have sent encouraging mails. It is your reading and reflection from so many across the globe that motivates me to write and publish these blog posts.  The essays I have posted in the past year are as follows.

I also encourage you to revisit the essays posted earlier on Mind over Matter and on “Experience – what it really is?”

To reminisce 2014 a collage of pictures taken during this year, for your viewing pleasure!

Slide2  Slide5

Annual collection 2014

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