Brahmam Okate’ : Everything is part of nature!

The knowledge gained from Vedas (Vedantha ) can be summarized in two statements:

  • Thath Thwam Asi (You – the individual – and the Universe are integral in each other)
  • Sarvam Brahma Mayam ( Everything is Brahman)

Universe is the Cognitive world of objects, emotions and thoughts of which we are part of. Each of us – and everything we know of (and all that we do not know) – merely exist in this universe in one form or another as:

  • material objects,
  • living beings,
  • emotional human beings with our thoughts and feelings,
  • analytical persons who understand and manage our physical body, emotional feelings and thoughts through Self-Control and Objectivity,
  • with a conscious awareness of the above four states (and hence in union with and respectful of the laws of nature (Brahman) that enable all these five states of being!

Brahman may be recognized through the Laws of Nature (known to us and the unknown) that is behind each of the five states or layers of our existence. Brahman may also be recognized as the Lord we worship in recognition of the marvel of the laws of nature.

The universality of nature (Everything is Brahman) is extolled, often in the form of poems for worship. Below is the translation of one such poem titled: Brahmam Okate’: The individual SELF and the Universal are one and the same

There are no differences of low and high. Lord (the soul inside all of us, the driving force behind everything) is one and the same.

Every form of creation is one and the same because the indwelling spirit in every creature is one and the same.

Be it a King or a Slave, everyone has to sleep. Be it a noble man or uncultured rude person, the earth they stand on or lie down to sleep is one and the same.

The sensual pleasure is one and the same for angels or for the insects and animals.The day and night are equal in duration to the rich as well as to the poor.

One could afford to eat tasty food and the other eats stale and wasted food.But the tongue and the sensory perception of taste is the same for both.

An object of fragrance or an object of bad odor, the air that carries the smell is one and the same. Be it an elephant or a dog, the sun shines alike on both of them.

The Lord who sits in judgement of the good deeds (Punya) as well as the bad or the sin (Papa) is one and the same. The laws of nature is one and the same even if see its effect as benevolent or violent.

In the following we illustrate the principle of Brahmam Okate’ (Laws of Nature are Universal) with some modern day images:

Brahmam Okate' 1


Branches and roots are alike in their pattern of growth; Branches seek the sun light and grow upwards, while roots seek water and nutrients and grow downwards


Brahmam Okate' 2  

Water is cold and molten metal is hot. But, the growth pattern of crystals is very similar in molten metals as well as in freezing water.


  Dendrites in Metals               Ice Crystals

Brahmam Okate' 3


Plants change color in Fall Season depending on the sunshine and intensity. But we can see trees amazingly similar in their shades of colors even if they are more than 3000 miles apart (in the East and West coast of USA).


Brahmam Okate' 4


When space is limited – like in a Medina in Morocco – Everyone has to share the same narrow lane; it makes no difference if you are a child, mother, horse or a tourist!


Brahmam Okate' 5A pair of  cats sleep  in the middle of the day and in the middle of Medina with its limited space, where  horse and donkeys are put to hard and heavy labor! The “lucky” cats and the “unlucky”donkeys and the horse are all part of the animal kingdom!!

Brahmam Okate' 6


Everyone is covered by the skin when we are alive. Some lose their skin after death to tannery for further use. Some while they are alive carry the skin of others who have passed away.


Brahmam Okate’ : Everything is part of nature!

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  1. thinkheal says:

    A simple, self revealing truth that is easily lost in sophistry.


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