Athma Bodh (Knowledge of The Self) – Outline

Athma Bodh (Knowledge of The Self)

Adi Sankara Cover

Composed by Bhagawan Adhi Sankaracharya

An interpretive translation with commentaries;

Acknowledgement: Preparatory reading included the book by Swami Chinmayananda.

 Swami Adi Sankara has composed a morning prayer that contains three verses. He has also composed the text Athma Bodha (Knowledge of the Self) which is composed of sixty eight verses. In this series of eleven essays we shall use both the Morning Prayer song as well the Athma Bodha to develop a reflective look at who each of us are or simply put “Who am I”?


  1. Who am I?
  2. Meditation (Prayer Song) and the questions that arise.
  3. Requirements to study the Knowledge of the Self.
  4. What are the distinguishing features or subtlety of the “Self”?
  5. How does the “Self” evolve in the Cognitive side or emerge as individuals in the physical world?
  6. Why is it we misunderstand our Self only as part of our cognitive universe?
  7. Techniques to recognize the in-cognitive (i.e.) Consciousness, Brahman or the Self: the other side of the Coin!
  8. Methods or practices to internalize the understanding of Brahman, Self or Universal Consciousness.
  9. How does one who has acquired the knowledge of the Self act or behave?
  10. Brahman – Definition.
  11. Conclusion.
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