Living a Meaningful Life in a Digital World

January 2022 issue of Prabuddha Bharata

The story of the human race has been about how humans have risen above challenges thrown at them by nature, both external and internal. Today, we are at a juncture, where the very things we have created such as the internet and Artificial Intelligence seem to be out-shining our abilities both physically and mentally. More than ever before, it is pushing us to ask the eternal philosophical question – “Who are we really?”

In this special edition of the Prabuddha Bharata, we delve deep into the overwhelming influence that digital and communication technologies are exerting on us. With help from experts in the fields of Science and Technology, Sociology, Work Ethics, Spirituality, Philosophy and Psychology amongst others, we try to determine the impact of present and future technologies on our lives, thinking, personality and the world in general.

Further, we also explore solutions to various kinds of problems and challenges, faced by individuals and humanity due to the advent of this new phenomenon in human history.

Among the authors, we have distinguished monks of the Ramakrishna order, scholars, academicians, technocrats, professionals and young people have shared their knowledge and experience in dealing with the present scenario to find ways to lead a fruitful and enriched life by adapting eternal values of spirituality, especially Vedanta.

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The articles presented here are not only of academic interest but also illuminate us with a practical understanding on how to adapt spiritual and ethical values in the digital way of life that we are living today.

Finally, as a kayak that floats on the water and not be drowned by it, this multi-disciplinary knowledge helps us not to shy away from technologies but instead provide a fine balance and navigate successfully this digital technological ocean without being consumed by it.

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