New Book: Spirituality in Practice – now available for pre-order on Amazon

Dear all:
Our new book titled: Spirituality in Practice is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The Kindle version is scheduled for release in Feb. 10, 2023. I hope you will pre-order the book and show your support.

Equally important, after reading the book, I request you to post your comments that will surely encourage others to get a copy, read and benefit from it.

I will be very grateful, if you can spread the word about this book as a valuable resource, for everyone in your network of contacts.

This book is more like a seed. How much it grows into a plant and yields a large canopy of warmth and comfort for many is very much in your hands! 


Following is a brief reproduction of a few sections from the book.

With gratitude and best wishes

Krishnamoorthy (Subbu) Subramanian.

        Life is not an aimless journey but full of potentials enriched by the soul within and the universe at large. We are alone if we choose to be, but we are also seamlessly part of everything since that is the way it is. True knowledge is not feeling isolated as individuals. True knowledge is to see us as part of the eternal and ever-present universe. The goal is to feel good through self-compassion but also work towards peace and harmony of all, limitlessly. 

        We are subjective when we see ourselves as a droplet of water. We become objective when we see ourselves as part of the whole, a larger body of water. We become increasingly objective when we are under self-control (in our physical perceptions), with non-attachment (in our emotions), and liberated in our thoughts from all that bind and isolate us as “I” or individuals (like drops of water). 

       We gain true knowledge when we realize that all that is cognitive and all their enablers (laws of nature) are like two sides of a coin, like the waves on the surface and the deep ocean below coexisting, inseparable, and enabling the other.

To keep the discussion simple and easy to follow, the book is written as a collection of essays. Each essay could be read as an individual item or as part of a stream, depending on the reader’s time, motivation, and personal needs of the moment. However you choose to read, we hope you gain some nugget of value each time, that uplifts your spirits and a positive outlook on life.

Finally, a word of thanks to all the readers, especially those from the younger generation. You are the reason for whom this book is written. Even if a few among you learn to look at life in its larger context, an integral part of the universe at large, rather than being shackled by the limitations and constraints as isolated individuals or belonging to a small family, narrow social, religious, or political groups, my gratitude to you for that transformation and the joy it will bring forth for all around you. 

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