Spirituality in Practice – Book draws favorable reviews and comments!

To order your copy: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BV49NPNQ

Following are comments posted in Amazon to date, all with ***** ratings!

Spiritual guidance and years of wisdom asking important questions
This author has transformed the way I think about life and its many blessings and challenges. I have read other works by Dr. Subbu Subramanian and this one, Spirituality in Practice, that weaves together science and spirituality is a true gift to us all. It is a culmination of many years of writing and wisdom. Choose to read an essay at a time or the whole book at once and you will walk away with many lessons and understanding and most of all questions you can apply to your daily life and relationships.

Good advice for living day to day
This book is not an easy read but well worth the time and effort. In fact you might find yourself returning to it to clarify a point or cement some of it teachings into your mind. The author introduces the reader to the basics of spirituality, then to Vedic philosophy then puts it together with how our spirituality affects/interacts with each other and the world around us. I enjoyed this book and will be reading it again.

A book perfect for healing
Whether you’re braving an emotional stress or Simply wanted to cleanse yourself from negativity, this book will help you get past that hurdle. It’s nicely written to declutter your mind. Great read!

Summary Comments from the Forewords published in the book:
The author has admirably succeeded in linking the ancient wisdom of Vedic philosophy to the needs of the modern world   Prof. S. Rangan, School of Management, Babson College.

As a practicing psychiatrist, I find several aspects of this book applicable to individuals struggling daily with existential challenges.  – Prof.  Matcheri S Keshavan MD, Harvard Medical School.

This book is an amazing accomplishment and culmination of outstanding efforts to bring forth an enriched guide to new aspirants interested in the spiritual path or existing seekers needing additional guidance to continue in their spiritual journey. Essays contained in this book provide a wonderful kaleidoscopic view into the world of spiritual knowledge and wisdom– Jnana Yoga Study Group.

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