A Parable.

 Parables are effective means to communicate certain principles. Parables have been used to convey moral code of conduct. There are many parables in all cultures with ancient histories. Recently I came across a beautiful parable, as I was browsing the You Tube *.

The story is narrated in Tamil, an ancient Indian Language (which is a spoken language in Southern India).

 A mother in her old age was being cared for by her son. The son was of extreme noble character. He did everything that would be helpful to the needy. He was very compassionate to his mother as well as others in his neighborhood. His compassion extended beyond human beings and included caring for the animals as well.

 One hot day, a cow was standing in front of his house. It appeared very thirsty. The young man rushed to bring a pail of water to feed the cow. The old mother, who was in the path, stopped her son in the middle and said, “Please do not waste the water. It is summer time and there is not enough water to go around”. The son being respectful for his mother, put the water away, even though he felt the hurt in his heart, for not being able to feed the thirsty cow.

 The king was aware of this noble son and his kind hearted actions. The king ordered his soldiers, to take large amounts of house hold items such as groceries and deliver to the young man’s house. Concerned that his offer would be turned down, the king also ordered his soldiers to deliver the items quietly and with out any knowledge to the young man. The soldiers indeed carried out the king’s orders and delivered the materials, when the young man was not at home. They informed the mother that the goods were being delivered as per the king’s orders. They also mentioned that there were two boat loads sent by the king, but one of the boats capsized in the river due to heavy winds.

 On his return home, the son was surprised to see so much groceries. Recognizing that they were too much for his needs, he shared most of the goods with the neighbors. Then his mother informed him that they were sent by the king. She also informed him that it would have been two boat loads, except that one of the boats had capsized in the river and lost its goods.

 “Mother do you know why only one of the boats capsized?” asked the son. “May be there were heavy winds?” replied the mother. “If there were heavy winds, would we have not lost both the boats, mother?” replied the son. “Then what do you think happened, son?” asked the mother. “I think we lost one of the two boats, may be because you stopped me in the half way from my feeding water to a thirsty cow, yesterday?” replied the noble son.


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2 Responses to A Parable.

  1. jayanthi says:

    Since we have taken away from the animals all the resources for our use, it becomes our obligation to take care of them in need.


  2. krishnan says:

    The “noble” son seems to put his foot in it at the end !!


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