Thank you!!

This web log was started a few months ago. Now we have 19 posts and including this message it will be 20! But, that is just the beginning. We have now registered over ONE THOUSAND visits to the blog essays! Hooray! Drum rolls please !!!!

 My sincere thanks to each of you, for your visits and reading the essays in my blog. Thank you also to the many who have posted their comments which add to the content. Many more who have sent your personal e-mails encouraging me, to conitune to write! Thank you for your kindness J

 Many of you might have wondered what does this user name – Sipractce – stand for? As you might have guessed from the general tone of my essays, they are intended to explore philosophy of life and living, in the context of our day to day life. This is pne aspect of Spirituality in Practice. In a shortened form it stands as Sipractice.

 Spirituality in practice is merely a journey, with perfection only as the goal. The goal is something always to aspire for. Each accomplishment sets the standards for the next higher goal, in the spiritual journey. Such goal setting and goal seeking have to be purposeful with a larger intent, a desire to seek harmony within and with everything external. What is “within” and what is “external” and how do we seek such harmony between the two, how do we recognize such harmony and how can we revel in such harmony are all aspects of the spiritual journey. This journey is not intended merely for the old and intellectually introspective. Instead such journey is our nature and thus all of us are engaged in it – young and old, of all genders, literate and illiterate, strong and weak, rich and poor, of all nations and religions, ….

 Since perfection is never accomplished, I wanted to reflect that in my user name. As you will note, it is Sipractce, with an “i” missing in the practice!

 There can be several pathways for Spirituality in practice. One is to write essays and share with others, for reflection by the readers, as it relates to their life and circumstances. Another avenue is to contribute and participate in charitable acts for the needy. In this regard, I am part of an organization called AASAI (American Association for the Social Advancement of India). Please visit for details. Please contribute to their causes if you wish. This request may be timely, if you are considering any year end tax deductible contributions. For those who have contributed, already, a big Thank You! But, be assured that reading and commenting on my blog essays and AASAI are parallel efforts. You are not in any way obliged to contribute, just for reading the essays. The later is a favor you do to the author and hopefully you do benefit as well!

 With best wishes


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3 Responses to Thank you!!

  1. Santi Mulukutla says:

    Thank you for all your blogs. I’ve tried to keep up with most (if not all) of them – and I’ve enjoyed and benefited from them all. At a minimum – it’s been wonderful to expand my own thinking with your perspectives and questions. Of course – I know it has been more than that.

    Enjoy your ongoing journey!


  2. contribue more sir,
    many more will be benefitted esp people like me


  3. jayanthi says:

    When I was little, I looked up to people who had convictions and took action to preserve their beliefs. Now, I feel people need to constantly look at their belief system in today’s context and reshape their thinking. The inner rationale and the bigger outer reality need constant change.


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