Seeking your input

Dear Reader:

We have posted thus far 200 essays on this topic: Spirituality in Practice.

Many of you have read and commented on several of these essays. Many have been kind and positive with your feedback.

In any effort there are three steps of System Thinking:
What is Spirituality and how it is relevant and/or useful in our daily life?
How can we apply our knowledge and understanding to develop an inner harmony as well as peace and collaboration with the world around us? This is the strengthening of our “Spiritual” leg, one of the three legs of stability for our life – the other two being material/physical and Emotional/social.
Our essays in the past ten plus years have focused on this: Spirituality in Practice.
Can we develop an aggregate or integrated view of the above understanding, as a ready reference for everyone, especially the young and for our future generations?

Above framework has guided me to compile and edit all our posts into a collection of 75+ essays.
On more than one occasion, I have been encouraged to publish such compilation as a book.
Please let me know of your thoughts? All inputs must be free, open source and without any copy right limitations.

I shall resume posting more blog essays starting from Jan. 2023.
Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy New Year !!

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2 Responses to Seeking your input

  1. The messages are power, but clear, and calming reminders, and thought-provoking self-analysis, of personal realities, with the opportunity to make changes of thought, along the journey!


  2. A S Karanth says:

    Interesting, Yes, look for such a compilation in a Book, most valuable to possess. At the same time, under the same principles , there is necessity to continue in the same path, we look for such Papers.


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